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Solid Waste Management

We provide complete solution for management of Dry and Wet Waste, Composting, Vermi – Composting of Organic waste and Waste recycling. Wet waste such as Kitchen Waste, Garden Waste, Food Waste etc. can be converted into organic rich compost.

Most effective way of converting organic waste to compost is the Complete Green Solution. Compost is very rich soil amendment that you can use in your garden or for your potted plants.

Our service is ideal for Housing Societies, Housing Complex, Industrial Kitchen & Restaurant, Vegetables & Fish Markets, Corporate Canteens, Cafeterias, Food Processing industries and Agricultural & Animal farms, Temples, Park and Gardens.


  • The Municipal Corporation had proposed a rebate of 5-10% on property tax to co-operative housing societies on having own solid waste processing units.
  • Composting wet waste into Organic compost which can be used for society Garden or even can sell the organic compost in society as well as in nursery.

Scope of Services :

  • Collection of segregated Solid waste from each flat
  • Conducting awareness programme before commissioning of Biocomposting Pit.
  • Giving Training to Sweeper or Operation and Maintenance Vendor/Contractor/Person.
  • Supply of Culture (for compost).