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What Are We Doing to Beat Plastic Pollution?

What Are We Doing to Beat Plastic Pollution

The theme for World Environment ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ have shown active participation of Indians. India a country of 1.3 billion population which is expected to have the highest plastic pollution but surprisingly it does not fall amongst top ten.
 Plastics are an essential way of living, whether it be rich or poor one cannot go without making use of plastic in some product. Thus the process of plastic recycling ends up in a crucial manner. The main reason India is able manage plastic pollution are Our Rag Pickers and Waste Management companies!

Recent talk is about lot of marine litter. The havoc caused by plastic in the ocean is a matter of vulnerable concern and is life threatening to marine life. Plastics gather unnaturally and becomes hazardous for segregation.

Effective measures to be taken to
save environment from plastic.

  • Mobilizing the world to tackle plastic pollution.
  • Government should regulate efforts to educate millions of people about healthcare and proper disposal of plastic.

Hazardous effects of plastics is ruining the planet including the pollution of oceans, water, wildlife, plants and when decomposed pollution of air, water and land.  Plastic is endangering life and its presence in our food is disrupting human hormones and life threatening diseases at early puberty. The mission is to end the plastic menace and recreate alternatives to fossil fuel based materials and promote 100% recycling of plastic in every aspect.

 A proper functioning campaign will only help to resolve this issue.

  • Educating, civilizing and activating citizens to demand governments to control and clean up plastic pollution.
  • Educating people to reject, reuse and recycle plastics.
  • A massive movement to support and global framework to beat plastic pollution.

What can Citizens do?

  • Act responsibly and change our attitude towards recycling.
  • Replace plastic bags with reusable bags.
  • Disposable water bottles to be replaced with reusable bottles.
  • Low- cost replacements for utensils, containers, lids can be easily replaced to reusable containers

The challenge is of systematic approach to beat plastic pollution and ignore the social dimensions of health risk.