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Our Mission

EcoTrash, since its inception has been focusing on technologies of composting, vermicomposting and vermi-biofiltration. Through a scientific approach towards waste management and its application on the field, we aim to establish our objective of a clean and green environment.

We focus on providing “Unparalleled Services” in the field of waste to Energy and Solid Waste management with the best quality of services and innovative products at cost effective manner and help people to be environment-friendly.

What we do?

EcoTrash is a waste management social enterprise with a vision to provide End-to-End solutions in the areas of ‘Municipal Solid Waste’ and taking the planet into a leap towards greener revolution; with the help of integrated technology.

We aim at taking India's solid waste sector to the models that are environmentally and financially sustainable. We are at the fore front of research and development in Composting, Biotechnology and Mechanised Composting Technologies and have a full range of services and products to meet a wide scale of applications in both urban and rural environments.

We are proud to have conceptualised, implemented and maintained decentralised composting projects for Individuals, Housing Complexes, Public and Private Institutions, Gated Communities, Industries and Municipal Corporations.

How we do?

The Urban Households of India generates around 0.2 to 0.3 million tons of waste on an average every day, of which 80% is kitchen/organic Biodegradable Waste. A city like Mumbai generates around 9.4 metric tons of waste on an average. Heaps of organic waste left untreated in dump sites leads to Green House Gases emission which is one of the main reason for Global Warming. This leads to serious health hazards. At EcoTrash, we not only create awareness among the public regarding waste management, but also provide training to workers about proper waste management.

We begin the process by first educating people about waste management; about the need to segregate wet and dry waste. The entire process of waste management is systematically managed, right from segregation of waste to processing it. The wet (biodegradable) waste is used in compost curing system to form compost, which—upon request—is also provided for gardening purposes to society gardens, kitchens, individual houses.

Sustainable Waste Management

We provide environmentally and economically sustainable solutions through programs implemented across different socio-economic, demographic and geographical regions. Our solutions cover the entire waste journey - from source to the destination which involves awareness, collection, transportation and processing. We have evolved efficient processes for accurate measurement at each stage.

Research & Development

We constantly endeavour to find solutions for difficult waste streams for which large-scale solutions do not exist. Our team of well-qualified and trained staff is constantly engaged in research on topics which can solve the yet unsolved problems of certain waste streams. We engage with Urban Local Bodies for capacity building and policy advocacy. We conduct waste audits to identify the most appropriate waste management solutions for different types of communities and campuses.

Social Benefits of Waste Management!
  • Hygienic & Healthy Environment
  • Odour-free Locality
  • Municipal Tax Benefits
  • Prevention of Disease
Local Government Bodies:
  • Transport Costs Saved
  • Savings in Landfill Costs and Space
  • Tipping Fee Reduction
  • Savings in Processing Investment
  • Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions
  • Reduction in Global Warming
  • Prevention of Air, Water & Soil Pollution
  • Employment Opportunities

It is quite challenging to dispose the waste generated in a scientific manner. The burning of waste and landfills are the traditional, yet widely used method to dispose waste. But these methods will not help the environment in the long run. It has now become necessary to find the scientific and effective way of disposing waste. As a responsible organisation, EcoTrash firmly believes in the responsibility and duty to protect the environment.