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Bio Methanation Plant Management

We specialize in operation & maintenance services of a bio-Methanation plant. Bio-degradable wastes like kitchen waste, poultry waste, crop or agricultural waste, cattle waste, hotel waste is fed to the plant.

The process of the plant produces high quality biogas and nutrient rich fertilizer. The biogas from the plant can be used fully or partially to substitute cooking LPG, steam, electricity, etc. The nutrient rich fertilizer can be used for agricultural purposes.

Benefits :

  • Requires very less land for the plants and this can be reused again and again until the plant if functional
  • Methane produced can be used as household fuel and also to generate electricity
  • Though it cost to set the plant initially, this can be offset by saving on transportation and collection cost of waste
  • Fuel can replace the other fossil fuels like LPG and CNG